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***Livelong Galaxy Hopper*** (Episode 1/pilot episode) - PSP49

May 30, 2021 Thomas Mitchell & Paxton Stanley Season 3 Episode 12
Planet Storytime Podcast
***Livelong Galaxy Hopper*** (Episode 1/pilot episode) - PSP49
Show Notes

Welcome back Planet Storytime! 

On the heels of our wildly popular, Beatru Chronicles by JS Blue, we are excited to  launch another serial/episodic podcast series with TM Ganim’s, Livelong Galaxy Hopper!  Follow the adventures of Livelong, “the good cloud,” who drifts from galaxy to galaxy to respond to those in need.  Our pilot episode sets the stage for Livelong’s intergalactic saga and demonstrates how using our hearts allows each one of us to become galaxy hoppers, too!

Planet Storytime creators, Paxton Stanley and Thomas Mitchell and the rest of the PSP team are proud and honored to introduce a new member of our team-- musician, producer and engineer extraordinaire, Dave Halverson!    The addition of Dave to Planet Storytime opens the door for more collaboration and answers our fans’ requests for more frequent episodes! 

Dave is amazing artist with nearly 30 years of experience making incredible music and steadily releasing his own gorgeous material and we encourage each and every one of you to check out his disography and history on his website: 

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As always, thanks so much for listening and remember just how powerful your mind truly is.  

Goodbye for now!  

PSP Production Team
You Can Feel The Fire - Station 17 
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